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In March Of 2016 Janavi Was diving in the Maldives. She fell in love with the movement of a deep red and blue underwater field of sea anemone. The colors that swayed in front of her mesmerized her to explore the perspective and depth created by these soft and gentle delicate forms. She expressively has decided to explore the rarer colored sea anemone. Stay tuned for more pictures she will unveil in 2017 at her next solo exhibition. 

I've been Thinking about you.

 40"X42" Oil on board

heading up high detail hands .JPG

Heading up high

(close up, small section of the work.)

Let's wash away tonight into a neon sea of light 

JMF has been Exploring her work for the last three years she has finally come to create a new series which has resulted to the latest series of oil paintings.


Check out that neon YUCCIE. 

20"X24" Oil on Linen. 

the epitome of anvil floating. 

49"X68" Oil on Linen.