In 2015 Janavi M Folmsbee applied to the Houston Arts Alliance open call for the Mini Murals project in Houston. The award-winning Mini Murals project by UP Art Studio, converts traffic signal control cabinets into works of art and transforms communities all over Houston. Mini Murals bring public art to areas of the city of Houston that have been seriously under-served and create civic pride through civic art.  Being Selected as one of their participating artists in the program was exciting and exhilerating for Janavi, she was honored to be selected into this program in 2016 she created a mini mural in a part of Houston that has been neglected and suffered in a flood.

Janavi took her fine arts training to the streets of Greenspoint in Houston. If you pass by Dyna on  Airline Dr. you will be embraced by a minimural that was inspired by water in an area which suffered a week before in a flood this is also an area where several of her friends grew up and remember the Shipleys Doughnut shop during their days of high school. "Water somehow connects us all." 

  In April 2016 Janavi spent two days working hard to create this Mural, 'Light by Night and Day for Hey.' Her first Mini Mural and the experience was memorable and almost enchanting. Not bothered by the busy traffic or the engaging passersby she embraced her canvas to create a surreal world of marine life inspired by her paintings and her Diving adventures. Her large oil paintings turned to studies for her metal canvas in this instance. Folmsbee has always enjoyed bringing her works to all corners of the world. After all being a scuba diver, she wants to share her stories and experiences by creating an understanding for marine conservation through beauty, through art.