Hotel YLEM



Waves Of Wonder


This artwork is inspired by three sources of life: ylem, water and mother.  The female figure and mother of pearl represent Mother who is the gift to our existence and the barnacles represent children (people) that converge together creating a sense of a universal gathering.  Although barnacles are not the primordial matter of the universe, it plays on the concept Ylem where tiny particles combine to create a larger whole entity. The female figure, mother of pearl and barnacles exist only through water, the true element and source of life.  

While women all over the world were out marching to represent our voices. I decided to take that voice to this work. Even though I am painting a mother, I felt I am painting a friend, most of the women in my life who are my age are young strong mothers, it is a wave in our lives where the youth and current generation have the power to stand up to be heard, to mold and create life.

The fact that I was stopped and asked by passersby that I am a woman painting this and not a male artist made it even more evident that one voice can make a difference. I was hugged by women and thanked for representing the female identity.  It truly has been a wave of wonder for me to make this work, hence the title. The voice I have is dedicated to the marine world and its ongoing struggles come through the interpretation of barnacles. I have chosen them, as they are strong organisms and travel all over the oceans symbolizing the fight and resilience that the ocean and women have in them.

The work that I do is to create awareness about our oceans and its beauty and how if we don’t take care of them, there wont be any beauty to look at. We are at a time of change ‘Waves of wonder’ is just one barnacle is a sea of many more to come. That is what this work encompasses a start to a new wave to bring about positive change. 

Waves of wonder is a 1600 sq ft mural that is the face of Hotel Ylem. It is located across NRG Stadium off Main St at 8080 Main St Houston Texas 77018. I invite you to go take a photograph with it.