Janavi M Folmsbee has moved between countries and cities to find her own space in this world. After crossing continents, this hunt has propelled her to search in an element that is vast and extensive. Water. In the ocean Janavi has discovered a space that is the closest she has come to finding what she has been looking for.

She formulates spaces through a blend of visual representational painting and abstraction. Her works reflect the experiences she has on her worldwide scuba diving adventures. The placidity of her artworks reflect silence, despite the vibrant use of colors inspired by the fish she encounters while diving. The ethereal, intricate shapes in her work invite us into something very private, a viewing specifically made and created for us. The placement of these odd beings creates a feeling of closeness, as if the characters are living in their own world and space but are somehow in ours. Her direct aim is to create a visually intriguing space that the viewer can be tempted into.