Janavi M Folmsbee wants to live in a world where we can close our eyes and imagine a painting into creation. Born in Mumbai, India, in 2005 Janavi moved to the U.S. to study at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, where she received her Bachelor in Fine Arts. As an artist, she has shown her work in India, Beijing and Europe. Her work has been featured in international fairs like Kunst Rai and Art Rotterdam and in articles in print media such as Harper’s Bazaar (Malaysia edition), The Times of India, Verve INDIA & Houston Modern Luxury.

When Janavi is not in her studio creating new work or off on a scuba diving adventure in an exciting location like the Maldives or Turks and Caicos, you can find her visiting The Cy Twombly Gallery at the Menil Collection  in Houston or writing in a new café that she may have stumbled upon.

Janavi currently lives and works in Houston. This year she has begun to work with various conservation organizations such as the Galveston Bay Foundation and continues to grow her relationships with several others to help with Marine Conservation through Art. You can find out more about her work by visiting Janavi and emailing questions to jmf@janavimfolmsbee.com.



Indian-born artist Janavi M Folmsbee settled her roots in the beautifully diverse city of Houston, Texas, in 2012. She has moved between countries and cities to find her own space in this world and to hunt for the universal and global connection amongst us. After crossing continents, this hunt has propelled her to continue her search in an element that physically connects us all – water. She is strongly influenced by marine life, drawing abundant inspiration from her experiences with scuba diving expeditions and with the ocean itself. Folmsbee is overloaded with ideas, she and brings them to life by working in multiple series at the same time.

In her work, Folmsbee creates ethereal, intricate shapes, which she calls characters, that are meant to invite the public into something very private. Her paintings intend to take the viewer into the work’s moment of origin. Folmsbee captures various forms of the marine world through linear progression, color, and a visual take on abstract and representational painting. These characters she conceptually conceives of live in their own world and space, but somehow also exist in ours. Typically, a collection of four or five of her works are installed together to tell a story, transforming the space into her version of ‘Davy Jones’ Locker,’ an unreal world for the viewer to be injected into.

This year, Folmsbee has become actively more involved in the marine community by working with conservation organizations such as the Galveston Bay Foundation and Plastic Tides, with the hope of creating awareness about the struggles faced by the marine world. The works allow the viewer to better understand the hardships of our oceans and the majestic creatures it holds. She has faith that with art, awareness, and beauty we as humans are capable of doing much more for our oceans and our environment.