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Nudibranch, while diving in the Maldives . 


Discovering things that are minute in an expanse of water that is overwhelmingly extensive. 

Red Sea Anemone, clown fish, Maldives.

Red Sea Anemone, clown fish, Maldives.

Giant clam,  Lakshadweep, India. 

Giant clam,

Lakshadweep, India. 


Colors that are so vibrant and synthetic-looking—the realization that these colors can and do exist in our natural world made JMF's palette grow. She brings these vivid colors to her work. 


Whale shark, Maldives.

Over whelming encounters

A dive with a whale shark in the Maldives revealed how fascinating the marine world can be, especially when one gets to swim with one of nature's majestic creatures.   

"I found a piece of plastic while chasing after the sea's most graceful fish. I thought, I need to paint this." -JMF


ARTIST, Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee, JMF

Turks & Caicos Dive Trip. 

Janavi Mahimtura Folmsbee, JMF

The artist, just after diving in french cay in Turks & Caicos, wall dives that begin at 60 feet and drops that extend to 3000 feet. the deepest blues one can imagine.